21. Thüringer 24 Stunden OL
26. - 28. Mai 2017


New Invitation

Written by Mario G. Monday, 25 April 2016 21:59

We are happy to present you the invitation for 21. Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering. This time we are south of the town Eisenach in the neighbourhood of the world championships 1970 in the small village Etterwinden. Already 1986 we planned the 2nd Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering just 3km away in Wilhelmsthal - we had to cancel this race because of a schedule conflict.

Link "Invitation"

Link "World championships results 1970"


Neue Bilder vom 20.

Written by Johannes Gorecki Wednesday, 10 June 2015 17:28



20th 24-hour-orienteering – The Party is Over

Written by Sören Lösch Wednesday, 27 May 2015 15:28

A town of tents for more than 1000 sportsmen appeared within a few hours. Everyone had to hurry because on Friday night the crowd should be rocked by the rhythms and guitars of the band “AntiToxin” from Pößneck. Competitors and guests really enjoyed tasty drinks and excellent food offered by the Karolinenhof so that the pigling was gone almost immediately. Here, many thanks to Klaus Hoh and his wife Gabi who put a lot of effort in providing food the whole weekend. Moreover, they allowed us to use their infrastructure on the farm, which was absolutely required to organize such a great 24-hour-orienteering for you. Besides the food prepared by the farm staff, Vitze (Peter Vitzthum) again sold his traditional pancakes which were as popular as always.

On Saturday morning, everybody had recovered from dancing, just in time to open the 20th issue with 171 competitors in the mass start. The runners bolted into the forests which was full of thickets and undergrowth, remainders of the storm Kyrill raging through in 2007. Already after 30 minutes, the first teams changed to their second runners.

In the 12 hours category it was soon a neck-and-neck race of the teams “Berliner Escort Service” and “Achtung! Achtung! Bulldozer!”. After 14 changes, the “Escort Service” was ahead of the “Bulldozers” by 35 minutes, suggesting an easy win for the team from Berlin. However, the “Bulldozers” caught up on the following 3 laps, so that runners of both teams went on the final long twilight track only 42 seconds apart. At the end, Daniel Wolf (Bulldozers) could pass Marvin Goericke (Escort Service) and even outrun him by 52 seconds leaving the 3rd place for “Lördagsgodis vs. Folkölfolklore”.

In the 24-houre race, the “Nighthawks” made clear who is going to win already on Saturday afternoon. Soon they settled on the lead in front of “Sommernachtstraum”, “Geiler Scheiß” and “Trocharok”. When the first four teams changed to the twilight tracks, the “Nighthawks” were already 20 minutes in lead. They began to play their strength during the night and could continuously increase their lead. In the end, the german-norwegian team easily won with 37 changes (an LDN was cancelled by the organizers) and beat the other teams by 3 changes – unbelievable. More exciting was the fight for the 2nd place. The “Sommernachtstraum” could outrun “Geiler Scheiß” by 91 seconds, although their last runners went on the final track in reverse order. With 34 changes as well but 20 minutes behind was “Trocharok” on 4th place.

That’s how the party of the 20th 24-hour-orienteering at Karolinenhof ended - with lots of great moments, memories and sore muscles. What remains is the excitement about the 21st issue in 2017 where you can have again a lot of fun with 24 hours of orienteering. 

Links to stories and photos made by teams and a TV broad cast by MDR (all german)

Video MDR            Startvideo von oben








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