22st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019

After a long term work, we are happy to finally present you the 24-hour-orienteering after video. We kindly acknowledge Jens Rathmann and Susen Lösch
who did the work for the video.

Additionally we would like to promote two dates for 24-hour-orienteering-relay in the next year:
- 20.-21. June 2020 in Dubene (Czech Republic)
And a few days later
- 04.-05. July 2020 in Zsana (Hungary)

We wish you a great time with the video and good preparation period for the upcoming 24-hour-orienteerings.
Further video

We got a lot of positive feedback from you about the 22. International Thuringia 24-hour-orienteering-relay. Additionally many pictures were made and fantastic articles were written. A small selection you will find in the following links:

Picture from our photograph Johannes Gorecki
Video from the MDR Thuringia (2019)
Video from the MDR Thuringia (2011)
Trail of the 24-hour-orienteering
Pictures from the Turn-Klubb zu Hannover (Luis Moreton)

-    OLG Regensburg
-    OLV Postdam
-    USV TU Dresden
-    OLV Landshut
-    Susen Lösch
-    Christiane Lösch

Update (25.06.2019):
Pictures from the Thuringian Sports Organisation (TTV)
-    OL im Saarland

If we missed your articel, don’t hesitat and send us an E-Mail with a web link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The team and course results can be fetched under the menu results.

Kaum war 2017 der 24-Stunden-Orientierungslauf vergangen, ging die Planung für eine erneute Auflage los. Es gab einige Ideen für mögliche Austragungsorte, wie beispielsweise Mosbach bei Eisenach, Gumpelstadt bei Bad Salzungen oder den Zellwald bei Siebenlehn.

The 22nd International Thuringia 24-hour-orienteering-relay has taken place at perfect weather conditions close to the famous swimming pool ”Herzog Ernst”. We like to say thank you to all competitors for participating and for all the positive feedback.

Results for 6-, 12- and 24-hour-orienteering-relay are online.

The web links for course results and detailed results for each team will be published in the next days.

The completion centre on Sunday afternoon: