23st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May27 - 29, 2022

 The final bulletin for the 23. Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering 2022 is available for you.
Please use the following GPS-coordinates for your journey to the 24-hour-orienteering: 50.5703812, 10.4524556. The coordinates mark the entrance to the official parking.


The preparations for this year 24-hour-orienteering are on the home straights. On last Saturday many volunteers come to make the upcoming weekend an unforgettable experience. We planned and testes the computer network for the finish (e.g. SI-Read, results). A second team prepared the team bags and the third group checked and updated the material of the map hand out. We prepared 39 courses for the 24-hour category. The maps will be printed this week, so we are ready for the competition. Last but not least we hope the weather will show from the best side.
Our caterer has prepared a comprehensive buffet, which will be available around the clock:

Because of the local conditions in Meiningen it was necessary to improve the rules.

The changes in the rules are explained in the following sentences. As you may remember every team (12hour und 24hour) started with 6 Theme Courses (TH). The first course will be a difficult course (TH1). After that the remaining 5 theme courses can be run in any desired order. In the competition the courses will be run in the known order: daytime courses, twilight courses, night courses and at the end one final course.

The courses with high orienteering level will get the abbreviation H for hard. The other courses with low orienteering level will have the abbreviation E for easy.

The new rules are here.


In about 3 weeks the legendary Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering takes place. Until now 166 teams are registered and many of the participants are glad to be part of the upcoming special event. We are happy, that the competition can take place under normal conditions, after we needed to postpone it to 2022.

Here are some important information around the 24-hour-orienteering:

The 23rd Thurigian 24-Hour-Orienteering will be held in less than 5 month. Therefore we have arranged an online entry starting form 10th of January via the O-Manager portal.
If we must cancel the event because of the external circumstances, you will get back a part of your already paid start fees.

The administration fee will be:

12- and 24-hour-relay-team: 30€ per team
Youth-relay-team: 0€ per team

When the thuringian 24-hour-orienteering-relay takes place, then please observe the then valid Corona-regulations.

The organisation team will be happy about your numerous entries and wish you a happy new year.