22st 24-h Thuringian Orienteering Relay
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019

The final bulletin for 22nd International Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering-relay is ready for download.

In less than two weeks all of you will run the 24-hour-orienteering relay. Today a lot of volunteers helped out to prepare everything perfectly for this event. About 7000 maps were proofed, the SI-technology was tested and the complete network with up to 10 PC was build up including some wireless controls. Additionally all bags of 185 team with 964 runners were prepared. Now we are ready and we like to welcome you to another unforgettable orienteering-weekend in Thuringia.



Only three and a half weeks until the 22nd International Thuringian 24-hour-orienteering. The control tags were placed and all 200 control positions were checked again. The final course data are published.

For all last minute orienteers who are search for a special event we have organized a runners hunting for the 22nd 24-hour-orienteering relay. Only 6 days left until the last entry date. So be fast to be part of the unforgettable orienteering weekend.

The preparation of this year 24-hour-orienteering-relay is entering the hectic phase. We would like to inform you, that the distance between parking lot and competition centre is around 1km. We will not provide any official luggage transport. With this, you can plan your luggage in size and number of bags. To avoid the annoying carrying of large and heavy bags and camping equipment, we suggest the use of a handcart.